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Columbia University Medical Center

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Department of Pediatrics: Metabolism


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I have suffered with Crohn's disease for the last 22 years since I was 7 years old. I've been through virtually every medication under the sun, I've had multiple surgeries, and I've even left the country for treatment feeling abandoned by traditional western approach. I was doing my best trying to figure out a balance between western medicine and nutrition on my own, but ultimately I still struggled with severe symptoms. Then one day I was introduced by a friend to Dr. Grovit. Dr. Grovit was the first doctor I ever met in America who actually cared about my well being. He has spent his time, for virtually no money, actually getting to know my unique case. He has applied a wealth of knowledge obtained through a life of firsthand experience specific to me. He has been there for me at my lowest, and has given me a sensible nutritional structure that works in conjunction with western theory. He is a breath of fresh air in a corrupted medical/food system, and he saved my life.

Safara Fisher

If there were more stars I would add them. Dr. Grovit is first and foremost the most well read, versed and up-to-date scientific-based specialist on nutrition you could find. Dr. Grovit approach is personalized, he takes time to understand your condition by taking careful and specific inventory of your condition and provides nutritional recommendations following you through every step of your therapy with support because he cares. He is amazing. You are in the best hands.


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

It was by mere chance that I found Dr. Grovit. My sister’s neighbour who has a son with Crohn’s recommended him to help with my autoimmune disease. I live in Ontario, Canada and hesitated at first since I would have to fly to New York to see him. I emailed Dr. Grovit a couple of times and then setup an appointment. Dr. Grovit spent over 4 hours with my partner and I discussing the treatment I would take which involved changes in diet as well as supplements. I’ve been taking the supplements for a year now and I would consider myself in remission. He is not only extremely knowledgable and up to date in his field but is very kind as well. I am very grateful that I found Dr. Grovit as he has changed my life.

Matt VanderVen


Dr. Grovit is an exceptional doctor. Honestly one of the best in the US concerning IBD. We brought our son to Dr. Grovit when he was 10 years old and recently diagnosed with Crohns disease. We were told by a well respected hospital in New York that our son needed immediate treatment after losing 30 lbs in a single month, developing abscess. We prayed and believe God led us to Dr. Grovit. Our son is now 15 and had no health concerns since being on Dr. Grovit custom protcol 5 yr. Brilliant!

Lucy Tucker

Hastings on Hudson, NY

I went to Dr. Grovit years ago bc I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome/prediabetes. I knew I didn’t want to get type 2 diabetes, so I hauled my overweight self to MG. I knew of him bc of great help he had given to a friend of ours. He put me in an exercise regimen and supplements and the weight just melted away. I went from a 2X to a size M! Not only have I been able to keep the weight off, but my energy level has never been higher! Dr Grovit has great bedside manner, and clearly knows his stuff. He has released my inner health geek.?? He has also helped my husband who has different issues. As we say in Latin, Ad Multos Annos!


Dr Grovit is a master of his craft, always learning about the latest medical discoveries, and never gives up on his patients. His consistent advice and treatment plan put my CFS into remission. If you are dealing with a mystery diagnosis, give his treatment plans a try, and stick with them!

Lori Feldman

Dr Grovit is incredible. After my daughter, who had been sick on and off for 3 years, was diagnosed with Chron's disease, her Gastroenterologist tried out medicine after medicine on her. All of them had terrible side effects and were not successful in treating her debilitating symptoms. Then, after one visit, the doctor decided he didn't want to put her through this any more, and suggested we go see Dr Grovit, who would work with her to treat her Chron's with food and supplements. I'm a big believer in the power of food, so jumped at the chance to get her off the meds and perhaps, learn to control her symptoms with the proper diet. It's now 7 weeks after our first visit to Dr Grovit and I can report that my daughter is SYMPTOM FREE, on no medication and feeling so much better! While her diet has changed dramatically, and its hard work for a 22 year old still in school, she is committed to her health and well being. Thank you Dr Grovit for putting her on the path to HEALTH!

A gem in White Plains: Dr. Grovit is one of the most empathic, kind, generous, experienced, knowledgeable, enlightened & educated clinician I met. He tapped into his suffering & personal self-healing journey to craft an effective & safe healing protocol for GI diseases. The depth & breadth of his knowledge is unsurpassed: he keeps current with the medical, pharmaceutical & nutritional supplement research. He is an exemplar of how customized medicine should be practiced. An inspiration to all.

AMC Idaho

Just over 2 years ago I began having symptoms involving digestive problems. I was very concerned because I have an ileostomy as well as 1 kidney. For that reason, I flew to another state for a 1-week consultation at a well-known clinic. The results were inconclusive. The clinic’s gastroenterologist told me there were no diet restrictions for me, but I continued having problems. Sometime later, at home, new tests showed positive for Celiac so I was given medicines and was told to go gluten and dairy free. Nonetheless, I continued having pains after eating. When somebody recommended Dr. Grovit, I flew to N.Y. for a consultation. By now, I had lost 20 pounds and he was my last hope for getting better. Dr. Grovit put me on a special diet and gave me a list of supplements and, a year later, I can say he has given me my life back. His knowledge, generosity and wiliness to teach others are endless. Thank you, Dr. Grovit, I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed. AMC, Idaho

Tobi Bennett


My daughter was dx with UC at age 11. We live in Eastern Canada where the incidence of IBD is one of the highest in the world. We always believed in diet and supplements, so went sought out all the resources we could. As she entered high school, the UC spread to her entire colon, and was considered to be moderate to severe. She was always on the edge of her next flare, her calprotectin was 3000-6000, she was anemic, and bloodwork was not regulating. She was missing a lot of school and sports. We were terrified of stronger meds and side effects. We had tried so many things and just couldn't get the right help. Finally we met Dr Grovit and Lenore and everything they said made so much sense. After 2 visits, with changes to diet and nutriceuticals, and a confident decision to try Remicade as a bridge while Dr G's protocol worked on her, we are thrilled that she has been symptom free for 6 months, she is thriving in her grad year, bloodwork is all normal, and calprotectin is 67!

Plano, TX

We traveled from Texas to NY to see Dr. Grovit and he did not disappoint. He spent 4 hours with us explaining my daughters disease to her and outlining a plan. He has since been available to answer emails or phone calls with a quick response time. We are thrilled that her health has improved as she has learned to manage her symptoms with the tools Dr. G taught her.

Barbara Szczepanski

Etobicoke, ON

Dr. Grovit has Been a light in the darkness for us. He has always given us hope, guidance, reassurance and sound advice. He has always been there when guidamce is needed. His compassion and level of professionalism is why we sought him out in the first place. It was the testimony of others that lead us to our own experience with Dr. Grovit which has been remarkable. We as a family can not say ENOUGH about how wonderful our experience has been and continues to be with Dr. Grovit.

Kathy L

Ocala, FL

When my daughter was diagnosed with UC at age 8, she was refractory to every medication she tried. With Dr. Grovit's expertise, we have been able to get her growing and healthy! While we haven't been able to avoid meds, the medications are working with her strong nutritional foundation!! My daughter is now 13 and thriving. Dr. Grovit is not only brilliant, he is sensitive, empathic and accessible. He has truly been our angel since 2013. There is nobody else like him in the world.

Long Island, NY

Dr. Melvyn Grovit has given our 14 year old son his life back! When we first met with Dr. Grovit over 2 years ago, we were heartbroken and weary from watching our child suffer the effects of Crohn's Disease. He was the answer to our prayers for healing. We have never felt more care, compassion, competency and hope from a doctor. Dr. Grovit is an expert in clinical nutrition and has proven over and over how one can manage illness and disease with proper nutrition, vitamins and neutraceuticals.

De Rafols

Reno, NV

Dr. Grovit Is the most wonderful, knowledgeable, and compassionate Doctor we have had. He was instrumental in getting our daughter (IBD) into remission with diet and supplements. It's not exaggeration to say that he gave our daughter her life back! We traveled all the way from the west coast to see him. His appointments are thorough and he is incredible at modifying the treatment to address his patients needs! His understanding of autoimmune conditions is incomparable.

Jordyn S.

N. Massapequa, NY

When I was diagnosed with Crohns disease at age 12, I almost gave up on doctors because nothing they prescribed was working. Dr. Grovit is my guardian angel! He saved my life and because of him I'm finally living it, Thanks to his nutrition protocol.


Buffalo, NY

When my 3yr old son was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, I was beside myself with heartbreak and worry. I wasn't sure where to turn, but after much research, I found Dr. Grovit. We traveled over 700 miles to see him, and I can honestly say it was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made. My son is doing amazingly well by following Dr. Grovit's nutrition protocol. I could not be more thankful for Dr. Grovit and all he has done (and continues to do) for my family. He has changed our lives!!

Dublin, D

While trying to find options to help our very sick daughter with Crohns disease we came across Dr. Grovit. We made the decision to travel all the way from Ireland to New York see him. Best decision we ever made. We spent about 4 hours with him in his offices and by the time we left we had a detailed and personalised nutritional plan in place which with which to finally start a journey of true healing. For the first time in years we felt hope. Dr. Grovit is an amazing doctor & an amazing person.

Miss V

Dubai, UAE

I was diagnosed with UC three years ago. Last year I had a relapse and medications did not seem to help. Having heard of Dr. Grovit I traveled all the way from the Middle East to see him. He not only could understand my symptoms and explain them (something no doctor had previously been able to), he was confident in being able to treat me. A few moths later, I am feeling better than ever, out of the relapse. I am on the minimal course of medication. Dr Grovit is an excellent listener & physician!


East Brunswick, NJ

I can't say enough to explain how grateful I am for Dr. Grovit! He patiently taught me how to live with a colostomy and what is more, to enjoy eating again without any pain! He also taught me in simple terms what my body needs nutritionally and the best way to prepare all foods so as to avoid pain digesting them. I thank God everyday that my primary care doctor recommended I see him. Dr Grovit is a blessing!

Amy L.

Hollywood, FL

Dr. Grovit is the one that have give us hope, the one that have listen to our concerns as parent regarding our son condition. He is guiding us and helping us every day. If we have a question or something to tell him or ask him, he will call us immediately! I really recommend Dr. Grovit to anyone!

Lenore Shapiro

Massapequa, New York

From the moment we spoke with Dr. Melvyn Grovit, his expertise, knowledge, compassion, and care for our daughter's well-being was life changing! He is a dedicated Doctor that is a true leader in the field of clinical nutrition. Our daughter's Crohn's disease was extremely complicated and severe. However, she has been living a happy and healthy life for the past eight years, utilizing his nutritional plan. I highly recommend Dr. Melvyn Grovit. He is the answer to our prayers!

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Dr. Melvyn Grovit, DPM, MS, CNS

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